While every business in Toledo Ohio and across the country are hurting from the Corona virus outbreak, this is an opportunity to focus on your online precense. Customers may not be able to come into your brick and mortar store, however, they can browse you online store, visit your webiste, and paroose your social media posts. This engagement is now more important than ever. If you know that your online precense is lacking or more than likely, non existant, give us a call and let us set your company up for success.

May experts believe that even after the quarentine is lifted, that the vast majority of the population will now make a more concisous effort to stay away from other humans on an on-going basis. This means that they will turn to digital shopping and purchasing rather then physical browsing in your store. You do not need to be a marketing genius to see that online advertising is a must now!

Corona Virus Quarantine areas to focus on as it pertains to internet advertising

Online advertising / Digital Marketing include a wide array of efforts across different platforms. Just a few examples of what a company should focus on are, website design, social media management (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc), SEO (Search Engine Optimization, being first on Google for searches pertaining to the product or service you offer, NOT just your business name), and SEM just to name a few.

Online Marketing

This can be very complex and difficult to the “first-timer” or just the busy business owner that needs to focus on the product of service that you sell. Leave the digital marketing to the experts. Give us call and let us put our 15 years of online marketing and advertising experience to work for you. Free consultations and proposals.