It’s scary being a business owner today. How do you find new customers? There are so many ways to “advertise” on the internet. What do I do? Do I spend money on Google or Facebook? How do I use Snapchat to increase my business?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused? If not, you are either a genius or you a lying to yourself. Don’t feel like you are the only one. Trust us, you are NOT!

You may have even tried doing some advertising on the internet yourself. Google adwords or Facebook ads are the most popular with business owners that want to try something themselves. Your efforts probably did not yeaild much, if any results, right? So you are probably saying to yourself, “Google ads and Facebook don’t work.”. Again, don’t feel bad, you are in good company.

Here at Website Elevation Corp, we have gotten calls from multi-million dollar companies that have spent 10’s of 1000’s of dollars online and gotten no results. This is not because those ways of advertising don’t work, but that there is a right way, and MANY wrong ways to do them. You probably are thinking, “well I pick my best keywords, picked my geographic area, and I offered a huge discount in my ad and it still didn’t work, so there is nothing anyone can do.” Sound familiar?

Don’t waste any more money trying to do this yourself. Trying to manage a social media campaign with no experience is like entering the Indy 500 with your car and saying to yourself, “I can do this, I know how to drive.” Sounds stupid, but it is very true. Google ad words and all the social media platforms out there are very complex and trying to simplify it so that you can just start running ads and see yourself is a huge waste of money.

If you have ever done a search for online marketing help, you would find a ton of people and companies offering their services. There is a reason why there are so many of us. The reason is that there is a great need.

The reason why Website Elevation Corp does this is becuase our owner came from the world of Yellowpages and he remembers when advertising was very simple. He has seen countless startups succeed and fail for many of the same reasons. He has restaurants, law firms, and dentists go out of business for very avoidable reasons. He wants to share his knowledge with every business owner so that you can be successful.

The number one reason a business goes under is lack of advertising or ineffective adverting. This includes business owners trying to market themselves. We have see restaurants spend $1 million dollars to renovate and open their doors and not spend even $1000 on advertising. The owners of these restaurants believe that it would be enough to have great cuisines and everyone would just walk through the doors and bring their friends. It does not work that way. And many times we will get the call after the business has run out of money and then want to be saved. Don’t make this mistake. Have a budget to spend on digital marketing and let professionals with 18 years of experience allocate how it is spent. Your ROI will be many times greater that doing it yourself.

While we do get paid for our work, our clients receive many times return on revenue that they spend with us. That is the way it should be. If you are not making more money that you are spending with us, we do not want your money.

Let us take the fear out of getting new customers. Call us and one of our reps will come out and put together a custom quote for your business and let you get back to running your business like you were suppose to do.