Website design is and always will be important. It is one of the faces of you business online. Would you have a bad looking storefront? No. So you would not want a bad looking website. That being said, consider carefully how much money you spend. I have seen $1000 websites and I have seen $20,000 websites. Both can look great. But the big question is, How much money is it making you? One of my favorite analogies is that a great looking website with no advertising is like an amazing commercial on a channel that zero people watch. You can spend a ton of money on the commercial, but if no one sees it, what is the point?

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Website Design is important…but its not everything.

Website design is important no matter how you look at it. But what is even more important is making sure people see it. The main point I want to convey is, no matter what you spend on your website design, make sure you have a budget left over for marketing it. So many business owners make the tragic mistake of thinking, “build it and they will come”. And the find out the hard way that this is not true. It should also be noted that Social Media is an indispensable avenue for driving customers to your door as well.