Google boost for having an SSL certificate

While it is true that Google does give you a slight boost in ranking just for having an SSL certificate, don’t expect this to rocket you to the first page. Google definitely likes SSL certificates, even on site that have no e-commerce capability on your site.

I think the thought process behind Google’s decision to outwardly admit they give you a boost, is that better safe than sorry. If you have any kind of transactional information on your site it is a must to have an SSL. For example, if you take credit cards on your website or even have a contact form on there, get an SSL and hook it up.

Other SEO factors

While Godaddy and pretty much every single hosting provider offers SSL certificates, they can be a pain to hook up. Godaddy has a manage SSL for extra money of course, but they will handle everything for you if you spend the extra cash. Either way, get an SSL for your company’s website. If you are serious about ranking on Google, Its worth the $60-$80. Give us a call if you need help hooking up your SSL. We will do it for a nominal fee and also we can take a look at the other aspects of your website. We will let you know what you need to improve on to move up Google’s SERP’s and even put together a proposal for you, if you want us to handle your SEO for you. We can purchase everything for you or you can purchase everything yourself and just pay us the labor to connect everything. Either way, we will get you a jump start on your SEO efforts. Trust us, being on the first page of Google for you most valuable phrases, is a game changer for your business and revenue.