Ann Arbor Michigan, home of The University of Michigan Wolverines. And also a very large market for any business. Website design, SEO, and Social Media Management are even more important in this area then others.

Ann Arbor Michigan Website Design SEO Social Media Management
Michigan SEO and Website Design Company

Step 1. Create an eye catching, easy to use website. Don’t drop your entire budget on creating a website. While website design is very important, it is only the first piece of a very large digital advertising puzzle. Pictures, minimum page content, and heading tags are just a few of the critical pieces of website design leading in search engine optimization. An amazing website that no one ever sees is pointless.

Michigan or Ohio, doesn’t matter to us.

Just like it’s neighbor to the south, Ann Arbor Michigan is a big college town. The need for advertising on the latest digital media is a must. The younger generation will always use their mobile devices in new ways. The big ways people use their phones now are Search (i.e. google, etc), Social Media (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.), and many others. You need an advertising company that knows how to utilize a great website design, Search Engine Optimization, and manage an aggressive social media campaign. This is a skill in of itself. Trying to manage all this and run your company is all but impossible. Hire a company that has 18 years of experience. That’s us, Website Elevation Corp.

Not only do we develop a customize plan for your business, we insist on bi-weekly updates. This not only keeps you the business owner in the loop, it also lets us know which methods are bringing you paying customers. That way we can refine our techniques and bring you even more paying customers.