This is a list of very basic items to help a business owner or newbie to the world of SEO. This is not for anyone with a lot of experience in SEO. This will seem very remedial to you.

  1. Use the phrase you want to come up for in your text. For as complicated as Google’s algorithm is, all it really does is read words. Words on the page and words in the background. If you don’t have the words on the page, you won’t come up.
  2. Make sure you have enough content on the page. 300 words minimum. Google’s main goal is to deliver relevant content to its searchers. This means it has a lot of good information based on the search phrase that was typed in.
  3. Use alt tags in your pictures. Again, all Google’s algorithm does is read words. Since pictures are just a grouping of different colored pixels, the only thing Google can see is the alt text that you attach to it. Make sure the alt text is one of the phrases you would like to come up for.

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