Social Media Management Toledo Ohio

Attention business owners. Are you frustraited with all the new online marketing avenues that you have to advertise on to stay competitive? Then let us, at Website Elevation Corp help you. We will break down a few “need to know” pointers on this page.

  1. There is no “one” best social media platform to advertise on. Nearly all businesses can benefit from all different types of social media advertising. IF DONE CORRECTLY!. Do not just dump money on Facebook ads, Google Adwords, or any other online advertising and think that you will be successful. There are many factors that must be researched before a proper campaign can be put together. For example, demographics of your target audience, age, geo location, and which form of social media to use. And then there is the ad itself. Are you trying to get people to call you, walk through your front door, or interact with you online via a submission form. Each require a unique approach and custom ad.
  2. The word consistency is super important. Do not think that as soon as you hit the “go” button on any advertising campaign that the calls will start coming in our heavens will open up and money will fall from the sky. Constant advertising with constant refining and improving your campaigns is a must!
  3. Customer response is EVERYTHING! When contacted by a potential customer, you MUST respond. Whether it be on Facebook, Google Business, or just your website. Even if the question is completely ridiculous or even if you don’t offer the service they are seeking, you must reply. This seems like common sense, but in our experience with small business owners, it is not common at all.