Reputation management can be a difficult task and very time consuming for you and your business. Let us handle the day-to-day of monitoring and responding to reviews about your company online. Customers a far more likely to engage with a company that interacts and can be seen responding to customers.

In the event that you receive a negative review, do not respond with an accusatory or correction to the customers review. At this point, if the customer cannot be made happy and remove the review, the main goal here is to show any future prospect that comes across this review, that you the business owner tried to make things right. This can be VERY difficult to do for several reasons. I am going to go out on a limb and say that you, the business owner, do not agree with the events in the negative review and you have a very different recollection of what happened. Unfortunately the reviews put up by customers today, encounter very little scrutiny or due process to make them public.

Do not feel bad, you will always have some unhappy customers. You cannot be in business and have a 100% satisfaction rate. It is impossible. So the question becomes, when you do get a negative review, what do you do? Leave that to us.

We will contact you the instant a review comes up online, whether it be on Google, Facebook, or any of the other many platforms for customers to complain. We will contact you on both positive and negative reviews. We will also respond to them for you in an appropriate manner to minimize the damage cause to you business from future searching customers.

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