This entilre process take 15 minutes at most. Asking and even the time it take to leave a lengthy review is no more than 15 minutes. 15 minutes.

Get customers to leave you a review online.

  1. Ask if they had a good experience.

    Seems very simple. Ask if they would recommend you to their friends or family. While angry customers a FAR more likely to leave you a negative review, you want to make sure that you are not contributing to this phenomenon.How to get online reviews

  2. Ask if they have their phone handy.

    This step is simply to set them up to leave you a review right then and there. So many happy customers will say, “Yea, sure. I will leave you a great review. But as soon as they get home, they don’t want to take the time to do it. Or possibly they are embarrassed because they don’t know how to leave a review.Good Online Reviews

  3. Ask them to Google search your business name.

    Just ask them to take out their phone and search for your business name. For Google reviews, you should be right there on the right side of the page and the “leave a review” like should be right there as well. Just tell them to click it.SEO Company toledo ohio

  4. Ask them if they have any other Social Media accounts.

    If the customer just left you a good review on Google or Bing. Don’t push them too much. But do ask if they can find you on social media and let everyone know how well you did. Let them do this at their own convenience.Website Design toledo ohio

  5. Finally, ask them if you can invite them to like your page.

    Be proactive. Do not wait for a customer to find you naturally on social media. You need to ask permission to invite them. Almost 100% of the time, they will say yes. And they will actually be excited to receive your invite. It makes them feel special. Because as a happy customer, they are special and you need to hold on to design company toledo

This is a blanket set of instructions. Now here is our disclaimer. There are a few review websites that really frown upon “asking” for reviews. Just to be clear, we are not suggesting to ever ask someone who isn’t genuinely happy with your product or service to leave a review. NEVER fake a review or ask anyone else to do that for you.

Yelp is a big opponent of asking for reviews. Their algorithm is very strict and will remove any reviews that seem coworsted or an inordinate amount of reviews coming in all of a sudden. We would recommend just leaving Yelp alone.