Social Media Management in Toledo Ohio?

Ask yourself, ‘What social media platforms do my customers use?” If you are a restaurant, then your answers could be endless, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. It is critically important to focus on your potential customer and what they are using, NOT what YOU are using. I cannot tell you how many times we at Website Elevation Corp have come across a business owner that could not understand that their customer demographics are completely different than their own. For example my mother uses Facebook constantly and that is all. No other platforms. She is 59 years old, divorced, homeowner, and loves to clean her home and add neat little nick-nacks to it. Now this would be the ideal platform to reach her if you are trying to attract her as a customer. On the flipside, any attempt to reach her on Instagram or Snapchat would NEVER get seen. Complete waste of effort and money. Step 1. Identify your taget market.
Step 2. Identify THEIR Social media platforms of choice
Step 3. Make take effective ads and market in on an appropriate schedule. (i.e. time of day, frequency, etc)Social Media Management Toledo Ohio