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Below is our 5 step process for internet marketing success. This plan will include stratagies for SEO, website design, social media, and videos.

1. Research

Everything from Keywords to Competition. We will see where you are currently, look at your competition, and see what needs to be done to surpass them and compete for new customers.

2. Develop Plan

Creation of a detailed plan for all the areas that are needed. Keyword targeting for SEO, demographic targeting for Social Media, and more.

3. Execute Plan

Our experts will implement our agreed upon plan as fast a humanly possible while keeping to quality standards and best practices.

4. Monitor

Daily monitoring of success of our implemented strategy.

5. Refine

On-going refinement of our efforts. From keyword targeting to frequency of social media posting, we will alter minor efforts on the go for maximum success.

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SEO and Digital Marketing in Toledo Ohio

Whether you are looking for an SEO Company, Consultant, Firm, or Expert, the bottom line is that you are looking for someone to get results! As in 1st page Search Engine Ranking for all the keywords you are looking for in the geographical area you service customers in.

Whether your company services customers in a particular city, state, nationwide, or even world wide, Website Elevation can get your company’s message out. We will find out what your exact goals are and tailor an SEO approach for your specific company.

We are transparent! Except for some proprietary techniques that, over the years, we have found to be very effective, we will give you detailed reports on what we have accomplished and more importantly the progress for where your site comes up on Google and the other major search engines. There is no mystery behind what you are getting for your dollar with us. You see actually, measurable results for your website.

And the best part is, we believe in our abilities so much, that we will not make you sign a contract! We know that if we do our job, you will want to continue with us of your own choice!

So whether you are looking for an SEO Company, Consultant, Firm, or Expert, look no further.