Ever wonder why you see websites with the phrase “near me” in it? Well it is because the most popular final two words in all search phrases. However, the optimization of these words is very different than any other words. If you want to optimize for many phrases, you put those phrases on the page, you put the phrase in anchor text, you put the phrase in the page title. But if you want to come up in “near me” searches….then you want to optimize your Google places page, create anchor text with your Geo location on it, etc. Just putting the phrase “near me” in the content of your site will not work. Google and the other search engines know that when a user is using the phrase “near me”, the user wants results geo targeted to them, and not just a website that talks about “near me”. (A bit like this page, lol) So, while there are many simple techniques for SEO, adding the phrase “near me” to your site is not one of them.