SEO Toledo Ohio

Consider hiring an SEO Company?

5 Things to check before you hire an SEO Company:

First before we get started with the list, there is one obvious selling point for any SEO company.  How did you find them? If you did a search for SEO or something related to SEO and they were on the first page, that is a very good sign.  Not to say that should automatically trust them, but it at least shows that they know what they are doing.

Now on to our 5 points:

1. Schedule a Consultation

Never agree, sign, or go along with any SEO company in Ohio or anywhere until you meet or at least video chat with them.  Any SEO company will not only understand but also insist on meeting you as well. It is simply impossible to determine a company’s needs, competition, expectations without meeting a representative.

It’s important to trust your SEO company, ideally, this will be the beginning of a very long and very profitable relationship.  Don’t let the rep use big words that just confuse you. Any honest SEO company will speak in “lay’ terms so you can understand. Ask questions.  All your questions should be completely answered before they leave. Not that you will not still be nervous about the financial investment, however, you should feel that the SEO company is out for your best interests.

Ask for proof of SEO skills before picking a company.

2.  Any SEO company worth their salt will give you proof of their efforts and results.

The SEO company in your consideration should have the tracking ability to show you a snapshot of where your company is and ongoing show you what they are doing. This includes phone calls, entre forms, site visits, click through rates, and more. Results, Results, Results.

3.  Check some other company’s results that have used them.

Any SEO company should be able to pull up at least a few sites that have their signature on the bottom and see where they rank on Google and the other search engines.   Reviews can be hit and miss. As a business owner, we are sure you know that people are far more likely to put up a bad review than a positive one. So if the company you are considering is a bit smaller, they may not have many positive reviews but they could still be top notch.

4.   Make sure you know what you are getting

Many customers want to just say, “I want to be on the first page of Google.”  This is NOT specific enough. For example, you want to be on the first page of Google for what phrase?  Restaurants, take out, bankruptcy attorney, etc. You see our point. There are also many other factors to consider.  Geo tags in searches. The results for the search term “bankruptcy lawyers” is vastly different than the search term ‘bankruptcy lawyers Toledo Ohio”.  So what we are saying is that your goals and the goals of the SEO company must be completely understood by both parties AND in writing.

P.S. We at Website Elevation Corp have over 15 years of experience with law firms, restaurants, and dentists.

5.  How much can you afford and how long before results start happening?

Most SEO packages come with a downpayment and an ongoing monthly cost.  Make sure It is manageable but also aggressive enough to yield results. Most SEO companies will have a variety of monthly packages to pick from.  When it comes to choosing a package be as aggressive as you can. The results from a quality SEO company should yield many times your investment.

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