The two biggest SEO variables Google looks at.

Google cares a lot about different factors when it comes to SEO. However, generally speaking, these are broken down into 2 categories. Content and Links. We are going to keep this simple. No fancy or confusing SEO mumbo-jumbo. Google’s main goal is to deliver relevant results to their users. Google looks at the search phrase that the user types in and decides which websites it will return and in what order.

The way Google “decides” this is the content on the website and/or the page. We have said this in other posts. For how complicated Google’s algorithm is, all it really does is read words. Are the words that the user typed in Google’s search bar on your website? Are they in the URL, Title, body, etc. Also does it appear to often? Is the website owner or blogger just “keyword loading” to manipulate Google. Don’t do that, Google does not like that. And understandable so. So make sure that you are putting good quality content on your blog or website.

The second part of what Google looks at is links. Specifically links on other sites that point back to yours. Google’s thought process on this is that, if you are putting out good quality content, then other people will want to reference it. in other words, link to it. Do NOT go around throwing links up on every site that will let you. You could do more harm than good. Google is very good at finding websites that are just out to put a ton of meaningless links out there. And if Google catches you putting your link on one, you will be punished. (ominous deep voice)

So long story short, create good, relevant content and then share it with real people. Put your information out there and see if people like it. If they do, ask them to share it. If they don’t, revise and redo it.

2 Main SEO Factors and what to do

  1. Add Keywords to your title, headers, and content

    Google will not serve up your website if it doesn’t see the words of the search phrase on your website. Try adding them to these key areas of your website.

  2. Share your content

    The second and perhaps the most important step is to share your content, also known as sharing the link to the page or post. The more your link gets shared the more likely your content will come up on Google.