How is Social Distancing and Covid affecting your business?

With all the worries about Covid-19 and the stay at home orders, we think it is safer to say that businesses will never go back to operating the way they used to. Social distancing is and will be part of our lives forever. As such, the ability for customers to purchase and browse your products or services is more critical than ever.

If you don’t have the ability for customers to easily and quickly find your products and services AND the ability for them to obtain them without having to come and see you, you business will suffer immeasurably.

The best example of this is obviously restaurants. Dining in will never be what it was. Either you have to build plastic bubbles around all the tables or you need to focus on you delivery. This can and will probably be the only way restaurants will survive.

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But no matter what you business, you need to let the public know that you are embrassing social distancing and have “no contact” options to make purchases from you. This means e-commerce websites and the social media management to get people to that site.

This is where we come in. If you have never embarked on this business path, it can be very scary.

Give us a call and we will help you out from start to finish.

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